Balancing the Bullsh*t

Yes balancing life is key in university,school and even jobs. What I now have started to see as many people start to go into higher grades or jobs is their work and life balance is all messed up, so take time and just enjoy 5 minutes of your time. Take a break or just step outside even. Courses I had taken given me the opportunity to see and help my work life balance and really make my day a lot better and less stressful. So overall take 5 minutes or maybe an hour to talk to someone, chillaxe and maybe even plan a head so you can make time for family and friends.


I’ve always been someone who tried to balance different parts of my life. But when it comes to making time for everything, University, Friends, family, Boyfriend, me time, it seems to get harder as you get older.

Realising peoples priorities are different from your own is a hard part of growing up. Like, for me, it’s always been family and friends, sometimes forgetting that I need time for me, to take care of myself.

Since being at University, it’s been a lot more Uni work and friends, than family. I know that’s OK though, both my parents have their new significant others and I don’t have to feel like without me there they’re lonely. I know I’ll always be one the most important parts of their lives and they’d drop anything if I needed them to, but now I’m not always a priority, and that’s OK.

For me personally, the…

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