The choice

When your just living your day and suddenly someone comes a long and does something to you that is a small but you don’t like it. What do you do? Make a bigger situation and loose your temper? No, you can let him/her by forget about it because he/she is probably having a worse day then you or you can stop him/her and talk to them. Try to calm them down, hear their story and tell them it’s gonna be OK. You now have helped someone from doing something worse to worsen their day, let them share their feelings and problems with you and made them feel better. You know its a good way for someone to feel better which is to really let loose of their thoughts and feelings and talk to someone. Also you may have just made a friend, or you just feel good about yourself. So remember always think a head before doing something and people have bad days and good days, but you can change that.


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