Mother nature’s slip and slide

It is ironic she said she wouldn’t fall and she fell. I thought it was funny at first but replayed and hope she was ok. On the other hand she is right about running in snow.


10 ancient paintings containing surprising evidence of aliens

UFO’S have been seen before we advanced in technology. This makes it possible for aliens to exist??

Saint Wolfgang and the Devil 1475

Baptism of Christ, 1710

Peruvian Hill Carving 6th Century

The Annunciation with Saint Emidius, 1486

Egyptian Pictograph 400BC

Glorification of the Eucharist, 1600

The Madonna with Saint Giovannino, 15th Century

Italian Cave Paintings, 10000 BC

Crucifixion of Jesus

Svetishoveil Cathedral Fresco

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try to be happy. Why not?

George Shetuni

What is the secret to happiness? How about: hard work. I believe happiness requires hard work. When I say hard work I don’t mean “working in construction” or something like that. I mean doing resisting laziness and boredom. Resisting laziness is hard and requires energy. But it has to be done in order for one to be happy.

What else? How about: loving the thing you got. By that I mean loving your life as it is. Do not wish for something different. Love the life you got! Why  not! Sure you could try to improve your life, and I encourage you to do it if you can. But you also have to realize that you got to start liking your life, because some of the problem could be you.

What else? How about: Be happy now! Not twenty minutes later, not two days later. Just do it now. Be…

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You control your own destiny.

Exactly, totally agree. Don’t blame anyone but yourself.


Life is never constant. That is why it is so important to live in the present. There is no point worrying about things that might never happen. So i say live in the present,and take each day as it comes. And YOU are in charge of your own destiny. Yup, that’s right. So if you hate your life, or you are extremely unhappy, then the only person you can blame is yourself. Not many people realize exactly how important it is to think positive thoughts. Some of my friends stress so much that it gets to the point that they are unable to cope with the task at hand. And guess what they say? They will say something along the lines of:” I can’t do it.” And they will reiterate this statement over and over again, until they have convinced themselves that they really cannot do it. The mind is…

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Motivation – the desire to do something.

When it comes to motivation in life it’s something I find amazing because you can be motivated to do anything. Whether it be to get fit, to stop smoking or to get the grades you need. Motivation is a feeling that is almost indescribable and can be triggered by absolutely anything. Whether it be music, a quote, or an injury.

I live by two simple quotes.

”Man who says he can’t will, man who says he can’t won’t.

“Everything happens for a reason”

However, motivation I always feel is something that comes after a ‘bad patch’. For example, a friend of mine is in year 10 and is a massive football player, has taken GSCE P.E, and is predicted B’s and A’s in their GCSE’s. As of late they pulled their piriformis muscle which is a muscle in the buttock that when it…

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