Gaming : How to make your life disappear

Yes you really can get caught up in games, and you lose what is important to you. This could include family, friends, school, goals and etc. You need to get over the need for video games and take it down a notch so you can focus on the important things. Also it’s good to be a casual gamer and stuff but if it’s getting the way of things you need to learn to control it and yourself. Remember balance is key to be successful and still have fun.

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Hello everybody ,

This (past) weekend , we were invited to a Children’s birthday Computer party.

All of this confused me .

Was the child getting a computer?

Was it an online party?

Was the computer celebrating the anniversary of its’ purchase? (less likely)

The answer was none of these.

It was a party at which all of the invited children got together to play on their computers all day long.

Instead of being a little bit concerned, I was thrilled. Thrilled because I am by all accounts a little bit addicted to video games.


This little fact used to feature in the ” Cool facts about me ” box . It has since been moved to the “Embarrassing facts that I would not share with anyone I am actually close to” box that no-one opens.

What started off as the typical 80’s-90’s child playing Sega with the neighbourhood kids , turned into an adult with a monthly…

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