The Snow Keeps Falling

Yes, the snow there is pretty big but Canadians get used to it. Other places got hit even harder also. On the other hand it may be hard to run in and dangerous but if you can get your way it’s definitely more active. You have to deal with the weight on your feet and the layers you have on to keep warm in the cold. Plus you need to be able to move around snow banks and ice. This will improve balance and stability. Some of this doesn’t really apply if you have the sidewalks plowed a lot so the snow is around a 2 cm when you get out there but you still need to layer up in the cold so extra weight will provide strength. Also ice could still appear so watch out. So if you can do it go for it and definitely stretch you can fall and pull something. Also if it’s necessary bundle up, don’t want to catch a cold or something.


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