20 Secrets About Men That We Wish Women Knew

Understanding not just one gender but having both genders understand each other would make life a lot easier. Don’t you agree?

Thought Catalog

Flickr / James Vaughan Flickr / James Vaughan

1. We don’t want to be, and are not, “at war” with you.

We want more than anything to get along with you. If we wind up arguing, it’s by accident rather than design.

2. We are profoundly confused about “what women want.”

I find the best solution to that problem is to ignore most of what I’ve read and seen and approach each woman as an individual. You don’t want what “women” what; you want what YOU want.

3. We are actually much more similar than anyone wants to admit.

I never knew of any person in a relationship who said, “You know, I do want love, and the sex, but you don’t have to respect me.” I think we largely want the same things.

4. We feel that sometimes you’re too harsh and cruel when rejecting us.

I’ve heard so many stories about guys…

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