Alien Experience: When You Get Bruises From E.T.’s

It could be possible for alien abductions. But then again the people abducted could just be having natural errors in their body causing problems, such as low blood pressure. Then again they also could have some mental and psychiatric problems or something causing them to be traumatized. On the other hand who knows aliens could be abducting people to observe us as specimens.


by Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

People are obsessed with aliens, and it appears aliens are obsessed with us. There are those who say that aliens have taken them and used them for experiments. And there are countless numbers of witnesses who have seen UFO’s.

The alien phenomenon has been going on for a long time. Though the very idea is still widely mocked, there are definite patterns in the reports of those who say they were taken by E.T.’s. Additionally, these reports come from people of every economic scale and from around the world.

Individuals from remote villages have recounted their own abduction stories. These people in remote places did not require the use of hypnosis, and they could not have been influenced by media because TV and movies don’t exist where there. The fact that alien abduction accounts arise from places cut off from the mainstream lends credence to them.

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