Madonna with Saint Giovannino UFO

If this is real, this can show that it’s not government or any human making such things back then. It’s possible other life forms or beings could be far advanced than us. Today, technology has advanced so far it could be possible all the UFO’S are us but still leaves a possibility for aliens.


Madonna with Saint GiovanninoThe ‘Madonna with Saint Giovannino’ is a famous painting by the Italian renaissance artist Domenico Ghirlandaio. The painting, which depicts Saint Mary praying with the baby Jesus, was commissioned sometime in the late medieval period and can currently be found hanging in the Palazzo Vecchio Museum in Florence, Italy.
What is particularly mystifying about this painting, however concerns what is happening in the background. Over the right hand shoulder of Mary can be seen a man and a dog. The man is shielding his eyes from the sun as he looks up at a strange object levitating in the sky. What exactly this object has supposed to signify, is the subject of strong debate. Whilst sceptics argue it is nothing more than religious iconography –  i.e. a star or an angelic presence – UFO-ologists claim the image clearly depicts a UFO.
Does the image really suggest medieval contact with aliens, or is it merely religious symbolism? Who knows. Although…

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