Aliens Are Like Serial Killers: How E.T.’s Are Stalking Us

I would even say they sometimes aren’t even hiding to observe us. We see lights in the sky, close to ground UFO sightings and even close call airplane collisions which we still cant really tell what it is but its observing us and its there.


by Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

People are afraid. There is something out there hunting humans. It stalks the night and takes its victims when they can’t fight back. While they don’t appear to be killing us, these predators abduct and torture victims, then disappear in the night.

In that way, aliens remind me of serial killers. For those who don’t know me, I am a retired criminal profiler. If you watch the TV show ‘Criminal Minds’ you know what that is. I interviewed twenty five serial killers and worked for police on hundreds of serial murder/sexual homicide cases. I created profiles of serial killers based on in depth interviews which are used by police worldwide. In 2008, I predicted the Mumbai India terror attacks two weeks before it happened. Plus, many know me because of my profile of the BTK serial killer case. My profile of the BTK serial killer was…

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