Cover Dem Scars Girl!

I feel too much makeup can really take down your appearance. Use your natural given attributes and use them to your advantage. For example, someone says you have nice lips then don’t over use the lipstick, make it look more natural with a nice touch. Hey that’s my opinion, if other things worked for you go for it.


So I too just like most of the girls in their early twenties stress the fuck out. Not just about work or bills or that new pair of boots I must have, but everyday things too. Therefore, I’ve been on the hunt for years now to find the ultimate acne scar cover up.

You may be that girl who legit goes to sleep with her makeup on and still has never had a pimple in your life – well this post is not for you honey. However you too may have imperfections you want to cover!!

ANYWAY I have decided to go ahead and buy the “Glamoflauge” heavy duty concealer by Hard Candy from Walmart, because it runs cheaper than then on Amazon. I bought it for six bucks I believe, and it came with a shit concealer pencil as well. I decided to go with the light because I…

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