Dreams are the gateway to sleep. What is sleep? Is it a mindset or a state of mind that brings past memories and thoughts together? What about day dreaming? Can you bring you mind to that state at different times of the day besides night?

Of life she writes.

My dreams reject the idea that they could never be.

They come and they leave imprints on my brain, and then they go away.

Their fluffy clouds leave little pieces of cotton in the corners of my brain and I

hope that one day they’ll become a reality.

My dreams slowly present themselves to me in a story mode and I

immerse myself in whatever I see.

The possibilities, the ideas, the stories, they mean something to me.

They are being told to me by myself in an unconscious manner.

How can our minds be so powerful?

How can they tell us what they want without us even realizing it?


I sit in the kitchen sipping tea and listening to the kettle whistle.

It tastes like strawberry and mint.

The sound of the kettle’s mouth screaming that it wants out.

Like my dreams.

They want out, they want to…

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