The Government Is About To Take Over The Internet



By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

President Obama has been urging the FCC to declare ‘the internet’ a Title II utility under ‘the Communications Act’ – a government takeover.

The internet will not remain an open internet once the government essentially takes it over – and regulates it. When government bureaucrats and politicians get their hands on private enterprise (or pretty much anything) – in this case, the internet – it will cause great harm to an open Internet, competition, innovation, and eventually – FREE SPEECH – in my opinion.

The FCC will apparently be voting on FEB-26. You and I though, we have no say whatsoever.

It gets worse…

To make matters worse, ‘the most transparent administration ever’ (sarcasm) is hiding the regulations until approved! I’m not kidding. The 332 page regulation plan is being kept from the public.

The vote if passed by the FCC (it appears…

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