Unacceptable Ways to Tell Jokes


I love jokes. They make me laugh, smile, and if it’s a good enough joke, it can make my whole day (and I’m sure you can relate.)

I’m one of those people who laughs at… everything. Just everything. I don’t take a lot of stuff seriously and I think that it’s a wonderful way to live life. Since I am me and I laugh at the whole entire world, I have never heard a bad joke.
I’m being honest. The few bad jokes that I have heard are so bad that they’re good. However, there are ways to absolutely, entirely throttle and tear and rip good jokes to shreds and leave them crying on the ground behind you. I’d like to share a couple of these ways in the hope that you will never, ever use ANY of these. Hopefully, by not doing these things, we can make the world…

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