try to be happy. Why not?

George Shetuni

What is the secret to happiness? How about: hard work. I believe happiness requires hard work. When I say hard work I don’t mean “working in construction” or something like that. I mean doing resisting laziness and boredom. Resisting laziness is hard and requires energy. But it has to be done in order for one to be happy.

What else? How about: loving the thing you got. By that I mean loving your life as it is. Do not wish for something different. Love the life you got! Why  not! Sure you could try to improve your life, and I encourage you to do it if you can. But you also have to realize that you got to start liking your life, because some of the problem could be you.

What else? How about: Be happy now! Not twenty minutes later, not two days later. Just do it now. Be…

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