Illinois Experiancing UFO Flap 2015



The Prairie State seems to be experiencing its very own UFO flap for 2015.

Consistent sightings of orbs or white dots have been reported between the months of February and March, and we’re only four days into March.

The first sighting of this recent flap was reported on the third of February in Eidenburg, Illinois. Less than an hour Southwest of Springfield.


The witness states; (From MUFON Case no. 63654) “About the same time almost every night when my husband gets home from work I’m out front waiting for him. I look for the Space Station at times. I started noticing these very bright lights in the sky.

The sighting trend goes far north to Round Lake, Illinois where a stationary white orb was photographed and was said to have hung in the sky for around 20 minutes!


Case no. 63583

Approximately 2 days later a…

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