Living life through your story

my life untapped

Many of us carry negativity that does not serve us. Anxiety, anger condemnation, guilt and shame that just get heavier and heavy as time goes on. Aren’t you tired?

Most of the time we won’t even be aware we carry such negativityuntil something happens to trigger us off. Say someone cuts us off or tailgates us when we’re driving. The anger bubbles up inside you and you feel so outraged. How dare they!

Sometimes we’ll retaliate, cut them off later or slam on our brakes. Sometimes we will rush home and post an angry status on facebook, about the ‘dangerous clown who can’t drive’. I’m sure we’ve all been there at some point.

It’s such an odd reaction. When you look at it objectively, someone has done something which has upset you and you’re reacted like they’ve slapped you in the face. Most of the time it’s done without…

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