SETI: What Are We Looking For? When we’re searching for…

I always thought it was weird we have such big satellites and so many of them. You would think Internet would be like full bars across the whole world but no. Some are used to send signals in space and look at distant galaxies. But who can tell if we are really looking in space or communicating with extraterrestrials. Also I have heard many conspiracy theories that these huge dishes and satellites could change the weather. That is awesome and very frightening. Having someone control the weather instead of nature taking its course, who knows what could happen? Anyway all I am saying is with our advances in technology what are they really used for and why can’t we have full bars or cable around the globe?


SETI: What Are We Looking For?

When we’re searching for extraterrestrial life, what exactly are we looking for? Or listening for? Signals in the noise. Anything that doesn’t match the pattern of nature. Technology, basically. But how? From radio wave signals to time compression, the director of the SETI Institute, Jill Tarter, breaks down the tools of trade in the rigorous science of the modern search for life beyond.

By: World Science Festival.

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