Build me up, build me up buttercup

brighter than a sunny day

We all have bad days. We all have our own version or kind of bad days, but let’s admit it, they suck. A lot. But these are the kinds of days, you really need to focus on yourself and enjoy the small moments.

Doesn’t it always feel like bad days revolve around terrible weather because the sun is a necessary cure. So first things first, let yourself enjoy the sun or at least the warmth if it’s out. A quick 5 or 10 minute walk in the sun even during a work day will kickstart your journey to a better day, and to all the people out there who think they can’t take the 5 minutes. You can and you should. A quick 5 minute walk will make you way more productive for the next couple of hours.

Eat something that you want. Do not let yourself feel bad about…

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