Fit According to You

dream fit. be fit.

Who do you look up to? When you look up to a role model they should be a positive, strong, motivational leader setting an example.

With social media everywhere,  sites get bombarded with pictures of “the perfect body.” Are these pages, pictures or people you are following making you feel good about yourself or just making you envious of what they have and bad about what you are currently rocking’?

What a drag to have an Instagram news feed that just leaves you thinking, “She’s so perfect, I look nothing like that,” or  “I will never be that thin,” or “I wish I had her life.”

When I use my social media, I follow people that have positive, encouraging posts that are going to inspire me to be the best version of ME I can be. They aren’t just endless selfie pictures showing off their abs and how “perfect” they…

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