City Of LA To Spend $1.4B To Repair Sidewalks In ADA Lawsuit Settlement

Finally, now I don’t have to worry about, “stepping on a crack and breaking my moms back.”

CBS Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES ( — The Los Angeles city Council reached an agreement Wednesday with disabled residents and their advocates to make more than $1 billion in city sidewalk repairs to settle an Americans Disabilities Act lawsuit.

Three groups sued the city four and a half years ago contending the city violated the ADA by not doing enough to make sidewalks more accessible. With three cases unresolved, city officials had said they were unable to move forward on a long-term sidewalk repair plan, even as money for repairs has become available.

“This $1.4 billion settlement is the largest disability access class action settlement in U.S. history,” plaintiffs’ lead counsel Guy Wallace said. The settlement, in which the city agreed to spend $31 million a year for 30 years, will install curb ramps throughout the city, fix sidewalks that are broken and torn up by tree roots, install accessible sidewalks and remove…

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