What is Knowing?

All Hands on Deck!

Knowing is,…

separate from knowledge. Knowing is separate from faith. Knowing is an unmovable force within you that is rooted in stone. We “know” the sun will rise in the morning, yet this wasn’t always so. Many ancient peoples held ceremonies and sacrifices to continue to bring the sun up every day. Now we know different. Science has proved to us that which we already experienced. The sun rises everyday because our Earth is a ball spinning on its axis, as we turn towards and away from the sun we experience night and day. We have sent satellites into space which show us this is true, anyone can log onto Google Earth and see for themselves this is true. We no longer doubt this anymore then we doubt our own names. This is knowing.

Knowing as a spiritual truth…

is as important as discernment. It is one of “Three…

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