Live in today and not (worry) about tomorrow

Motivational Mondays

Last week, I’ve received some very bad news about a family member. My brother’s fiancée’s mother has been diagnosed with cancer. Within a few days, she developed an infection and is currently in the ICU on antibiotics. Bottom line, things are not looking good for her and we need all the prayers and hugs we can get.

People often underestimate what they have before it’s gone. People would say “that’ll never happen to me” or “it’ll only happens to certain people because of… [Insert inaccurate reason here].” The truth is, bad things happen to anyone regardless of their history. Life is a crooked path and the majority of the time; we think we’re headed in the right direction only to take a detour. We have to play the game with the hand we’re dealt whether we like it or not. There are no do-overs (because we’re not five years old).

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