Day Thirteen: On motivation fluctuation.

Idiot In the gym

I’m normally pretty good at doing what I say I’m going to do. If I say I’ll take the dog out early doors on a Saturday, I will do it. Granted, you might need to remind me at 7am that I said I would, but I will do it.

Today was different, and I have no idea why. I felt like I just didn’t have any oomph. No zest.

It was disconcerting, as I was looking back at what I have done so far, and then considering the fact that I would write more than one hundred daily posts between now and completing this challenge, it just felt like it was all a bit much. I wanted to crawl back under my rock and return to playing video games and eating entire packets of Jaffa cakes in one sitting (yes really).

My food slipped a little today because I was…

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