I Dare you!

I always say keep a positive vibe and attitude, good things will come. Just be positive and your bound to have something great to happen to you.


Have you ever noticed the number of times a day that negative words exit your mouth in one day? Maybe not. Recently I participated in a challenge to not complain for an entire day. Talk about difficult, I found myself feeling awkwardly quiet around groups of people that I normal have lots to talk about with.

This was a rude awakening for me, I had always considered myself to be an overall positive person… Time for some quality self evaluation. So I set some ground rules for myself 1. No discussion of problems without a solution to accompany the problem 2. No discussion of a problem that has already been discussed and 3. Removing myself from any environments where mass complaining is being conducted. (Easier said than done)

Let me say that being faithful to my own rules was a challenge! At first it felt disingenuous like I wasn’t being…

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