What Is Your Strength?

Everyone has a strength, you go out there and find yours.

The Better Man Project ™

what is your strength never never never give up winston

What is your strength? What’s going to be that one thing, that no matter the circumstance or situation, will keep you going?

There have been many times I have felt like my back was right up against the wall – like I had no room to move and that the weight of everything was weighing me down. I felt cornered. I felt stuck. I felt, moment by moment, that the walls were closing in on me. I’ve had to claw and scratch my way out a few times just to get back to a place where I could start to figure things out. I know what that is like – being in a situation where your heart is telling you one thing but you logically have convinced yourself that you must make another decision. I know what it’s like to push things into a “deal with this later” pile. But you…

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