1000 follows,people!*AWESTRUCK*♥

Congratulations, good job.



So,it’s finally time. Yes. I have reached 1000. What,you ask?
You people! You!☝
Yes! Un-freaking-believable, I know.

As I have mentioned time and again,I started WANDERINGVIOLET because of my need for introspection. I had felt like I needed someplace to vent, to talk, to laugh, to smile, to be my sarcastic-rude-psycho self, to write, to try my hand at humor, to be the Over-the-top dramatic girl I am known to be, to be my honest self….umm,the list goes on and on,so I am gonna stop now. *sheepish smile*
Well, you get my drift, don’t you? You get me. You sweet, kind, adorable, complimenting creature, you! Every one outta you 1000 gets me. And everybody else out there too. You know why?Because we are kindred. We write about ourselves. We write about our lives. We write about each other. We write about…

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