Day 50

That’s good that you didn’t take the doctor adding your age to p90x to heart, to make you not want to do it. If you put your mind and effort in anything is possible. I know people that are above 50 and not letting anything stop them. Be strong, and keep it up.

My new Doctor ruined my “30 day weigh in” policy today. I knew they would put me on the scales and debated weather I wanted to know or not (because I’m 10 days out from my next weigh in). So yeah, I wanted to know. I’m down an additional 8 lbs. for a total loss so far of 13 lbs. I’m going to push for 2 more lbs. before my 60 days gets here so I can have a 15 lb. loss in 60 days.

Yesterday’s food intake: 1 banana. 1 sweet potato. 1 large garden salad with vinaigrette dressing. 4 prunes. 1/4 c. raw almonds.

P90X: Core

I guess you’d have to ask my husband how many times I said, “He’s killing me!” today. When I told the male nurse I was doing P90X today, he looked at me cross-eyed knowing that I’m 50. He said, “That’s an extreme…

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