District 9 (2009)

I definitely learned a lot from district 9. It basically showed a possibility of what would happen if aliens landed on earth.

A Sky of Books and Movies

Science fiction has always been a problem child, both in movies and books. The special effects always seem to take the upper hand in science fiction movies as an irresistible temptation for the filmmakers, and often deprive the movie of vitality, much like candy in real life. Science fiction books too are systematically ignored by critics who still carry an image in their mind of the pulp space opera of the 1930s.

But science fiction can be good (in books more often than in cinema) and on these occasions it can function as a mirror in which our image of the world and our values get transformed. Secretly, science fiction is always about the present, about present values and present struggles.

district 9

District 9 is such a film. It is an analogy for discrimination and slum life. It is actually quite blunt in its analogy. But District 9’s power comes from…

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