What’s With That ‘Woman On Mars’ Photo?

Mars is getting stranger and stranger.


Great movie, but that's not what we're talking about.

Today, UFO fans are freaking out over an image posted by NASA they claim shows a woman standing on a rock on Mars. And it sure looks like a woman, even though it isn’t! So, what’s the deal?

Where’s this woman on Mars?

Right here:

woman on mars closeup


Or, you know, it’s a dust cloud. It is not a human, we know that much: A human without a pressure suit on Mars would boil to death while they asphyxiated. So, unless Martians have hide-and-seek ultramarathons as their planet-wide sport, it’s unlikely to be any sort of life form.

But it looks a lot like a woman.

It does! That’s because our brains are wired to find faces and people everywhere. That’s an extremely common neurological phenomenon called pareidolia; it was a pretty strong evolutionary advantage to spot faces hidden in things…

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