I totally agree but if you think about it it’s possible they could be holding the truth so chaos doesn’t happen. What would happen if the government or a secret organization proved aliens were here to destroy earth, capture us and experiment on us? People would go crazy. It’s even possible that aliens could be humans but changed from secret experiments with water, how would people react to that? The amount of possibilities are endless but I do agree we should at least know that aliens or UFO’S exist.


I had humbled myself before on this topic. But once I see a great show like mufon on the men in black or ancient aliens, I get kinda pissed again.  It bothers me that some people think it is their responsibility to hide things so extraordinary from the rest.  I mean we don’t live in the old days anymore.  Everyone knows of the conspiracies and cover ups.  It takes nothing to jump on the Internet….or turn the tv to the history channel. It’s there!!! What exactly could they be benefiting from that they don’t want us to know. Well I could name lots….the control of the people with technology for one. I think that’s so selfish!! It hurts me and makes me think deep to know some of our leaders aren’t who they say they are. ….they aren’t really going to do the things they say they are going to…

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