Got Ambition?

Ambition (n) ; a strong desire to do or achieve something.

Something that is almost always encouraged and yet, somehow, almost always frowned upon. It’s too easy to go into the complexities of male vs. female ambition but feel free to comment about it because YES.

I am a very ambitious person but, maybe strangely, not in work.

I do not dream of furthering my career in the office I work in. I have no desire to try to step my way up to a managerial position and gain more money and authority even though that is what most people I know would determine ambition to be. Work harder, make more money yada-yada-yada.

For me ambition is something else. Ambition isn’t the feeling I have for work but the feeling I have for life.

Ambition is what pushes me to try to be more creative, try to be healthier, try to…

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