Documentaries That Will Change Your Perspectives

Yes, I have seen some of these and I got to say they really changed my perspective. The food inc and supersize me were very good choices. Also another documentary a little more in depth to food, watch from farm to fridge. The video is a bit gruesome at times so be prepared.


Four-meter Stone Disc Shaped UFO found near Volgograd in Russia

That is amazing.

Mission Galactic Freedom

ufo stone russia

Medveditskaya ridge zhirnovsky district in the Volgograd region is a place that long time ago became famous for the mystical phenomena and it justifies its reputation once again.

On September 9, 2015, they found a massive 4-meter stone disc UFO near a ridge and it is unknown how it has ended up there.

Published on 11 Sep 2015
Russian UFO researcher Vadim Chernobrov: “We already found a dozen of these discs of not more than 1 meter in diameter and in Kuzbass a disc of about 2 meter in diameter, but this 4-meter disc is really unique, he said to the “Bloknot-Volgograd”.

According to Ufology experts, who have examined the disc, they discovered the presence of metallic inclusions. Based on their examination, which are quite controversial, they told that its age is about one million years. (Note: Metallic inclusions are not confirmed).

Examinations will continue. The mysterious disc…

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Another Mass Animal Die-Off: What Killed 60,000 Antelope in Four Days?

Very strange.



By The Daily Sheeple

We have seen a lot of bizarre occurrences in nature lately that have, in some cases, never fully been explained. Now we’re seeing another mass animal die-off, this time in central Kazakhstan.

Live Science:

It started in late May.

When geoecologist Steffen Zuther and his colleagues arrived in central Kazakhstan to monitor the calving of one herd of saigas, a critically endangered, steppe-dwelling antelope, veterinarians in the area had already reported dead animals on the ground.

“But since there happened to be die-offs of limited extent during the last years, at first we were not really alarmed,” Zuther, the international coordinator of the Altyn Dala Conservation Initiative, told Live Science.

But within four days, the entire herd — 60,000 saiga — had died. As veterinarians and conservationists tried to stem the die-off, they also got word of similar population crashes in other herds across Kazakhstan…

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‘Arrow’ Aims Higher in the First Poster for Season 4

Cant wait!

The CW Source

Things are a whole new shade of green in season 4 of Arrow.

Oliver Queen is aiming high in the first poster for the show’s fourth season, which bows this October.

The poster depicts our Green Arrow in his new green arrow-y suit with the tag line “Aim. Higher, which is a reference to the new feel of season 4.

Arrow season 4 premieres Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 8/7c on The CW.

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Strange little creature found in Russia along river bank, Aug 2015

very strange creatures hide in the depths of our oceans. There was another thing like this where a small “alien” looking “thing” or creature was found preserved to a stick. It was fascinating. The DNA results were unknown to anything on earth.

Mission Galactic Freedom

weird aliens

Date of discovery: August 2015
Location of discover: Sosnovy Bor, Russia

This tiny alien body was found near a river in Russia and has no resemblance to any animal known. Russian scientists are confused over what it could be and said they need to wait for the results of the tests, which are probably DNA I assume. I will update this as soon as I hear about it. 

News states:
They found a strange and mysterious creature in a river in Sosnovy Bor, Russia A strange and mysterious creature was accidentally captured by two residents of Sosnovy Bor. The mysterious creature was found on the banks of a river near the town of Sosnovy Bor, Russia. The strange creature has resivido Kensha name, the creature been examined by several experts and so far have been unable to identify it. This is a video extracted from the Russian TV. Initially, local residents thought that…

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