The Sad Downfall Of Snow White!

Even though this is funny and all, their should be some sort of consciousness where if you have a child character like spiderman or something instead of arresting him/her with the costume on, make him/her take it off. The cons of seeing a friendly superhero spiderman being arrested as a kid is a lot for a kid to take in at a young age don’t you think? Or even walk with the spiderman and take him/her without handcuffs quietly without making a scene to the cruiser and take off. But then again if it’s a serious crime and he/she is dangerous and not safe around kids or people then by all means arrest him/her. But if it’s just a simple pot smoking charge or littering then take it softly.


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I’m sorry but there is something so ludicrous and yet so delightfully human-crazy about a person in costume being arrested that if I were a judge I would find it hard to give a fitting sentence. I mean, look…apologies if you’ve been mugged recently by a pot smoking ninja turtle or whatever, but just look…


‘I did NOT have relations with that honey.’galleryimage-484798057-dec-11-2014-1-600x445

‘It was PERKY officer!’galleryimage-784825619-dec-11-2014-1-600x500

‘Is it a jungle fever thing man?’galleryimage-1179383507-dec-11-2014-1-600x450

‘You are under arrest sir. You committed the crime.’

‘Nay!’ (Apologies.)galleryimage-1513178500-dec-11-2014-1-600x500galleryimage-1720317275-dec-11-2014-1-600x450galleryimage-1726262994-dec-11-2014-1-600x500galleryimage646866771-dec-11-2014-1-600x450

‘I’m a banana. You can’t arrest a banana.’galleryimage726984791-dec-11-2014-1-600x474galleryimage1200612239-dec-11-2014-1-600x431

‘I wasn’t stealing it! I was throwing it into my head!’galleryimage1271925051-dec-11-2014-1-600x400

Not loving it now huh?galleryimage1390177733-dec-11-2014-1-600x450galleryimage2069382182-dec-11-2014-1-600x450

‘What you’ve told us is web of lies’ …ouch! Apologies again!

Think you can do better? There’s the storm trooper, a beheaded Elmo, the munchkin, the ninja turtle above…knock yourself out! 🙂

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