Knowledge Is Power

As a kid, well younger I mean; I hated going to school. It wasn’t that I did poorly in school but it didn’t seem like I was going anywhere in school and it was very boring. Until, I learned that being good at school will definitely benefit in the long run. Knowledge is power I always say. Having a school that provides really strong teachers and has high grades will definitely be a benefit. Having fun in school is also something to note. School shouldn’t be about the worst parts of your childhood but the starting of something great. That’s why the best schools or even teachers try to make learning fun and memorable. Also, schools carrying extra-curricular activities are a great way to start having a little fun in school and even letting some steam off. Always try to have a little fun while in school so you’re not “brain-dead.” But inside the learning environment or a classroom for instance, the teacher should really try to interact with the students and try to make a lesson more enjoyable. These lessons will help us later on in life no matter how boring they are. That’s why I think it’s best to learn as much as you can so that you can be something better later on in life. Why fool around in school and try really hard to get a very low paying job when you could have tried really hard in school and learn as much as you can to get your dream job or a high paying job? Knowledge or a brain is one thing humans have that should not be wasted. Empower yourself with knowledge and you won’t regret it. When you’re in school wondering why I am sitting here listening to a boring lesson, tell yourself knowledge is power and try your hardest. Even if your having a bad day, remember it will get better later on in life. Keep your chin high. #knowlegeispower


Bikers Stop Traffic To Save A Dog On The Highway (Video)

I always say never judge a book by its cover.

You Got Put On

A bunch of bikers had witnessed a dog jump out of a car on the highway and decided to stop traffic to make sure the dog didn’t get hurt. They used their bikes to form a wall across the three lanes of traffic and chased the dog. Eventually, they got the dog back to their owner without any injury. It’s nice to know that not all bikers are like the ones in Sons of Anarchy..

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Lets Talk About Aliens

Exactly nobody will take the time to think about it, use logic or even research to decide whether or not were crazy. Just because we believe through some thought or evidence they exist then hey if you don’t want to apply yourself then fine. Like come on your telling me having the never ending space, containing millions of more galaxies and planets or even possibly more dimensions wouldn’t have more intelligent life? It doesn’t even make sense we are the centre of space or the galaxy. So all I am saying is don’t judge a book by its cover.

The Brain Game

I absolutely believe in aliens, without a doubt.

With that being said, one thing that drives me just crazy, is when someone finds out you believe in aliens and they automatically think you are insane. Now, I don’t go around shouting about alien abductions, weird alien experiments or government conspiracies. But if I see something strange in the sky, I am all over that shit. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a UFO and my friends or family have just laughed at me, or called me crazy (shun the non-believers). The whole idea behind a UFO is that it is an Unidentified Flying Object; I saw something in the sky that I could not say was an airplane, helicopter, or balloon. I have seen some pretty weird shit in the sky though. Some of the reactions I get are ridiculous, you would think that I…

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