Knowledge Is Power

As a kid, well younger I mean; I hated going to school. It wasn’t that I did poorly in school but it didn’t seem like I was going anywhere in school and it was very boring. Until, I learned that being good at school will definitely benefit in the long run. Knowledge is power I always say. Having a school that provides really strong teachers and has high grades will definitely be a benefit. Having fun in school is also something to note. School shouldn’t be about the worst parts of your childhood but the starting of something great. That’s why the best schools or even teachers try to make learning fun and memorable. Also, schools carrying extra-curricular activities are a great way to start having a little fun in school and even letting some steam off. Always try to have a little fun while in school so you’re not “brain-dead.” But inside the learning environment or a classroom for instance, the teacher should really try to interact with the students and try to make a lesson more enjoyable. These lessons will help us later on in life no matter how boring they are. That’s why I think it’s best to learn as much as you can so that you can be something better later on in life. Why fool around in school and try really hard to get a very low paying job when you could have tried really hard in school and learn as much as you can to get your dream job or a high paying job? Knowledge or a brain is one thing humans have that should not be wasted. Empower yourself with knowledge and you won’t regret it. When you’re in school wondering why I am sitting here listening to a boring lesson, tell yourself knowledge is power and try your hardest. Even if your having a bad day, remember it will get better later on in life. Keep your chin high. #knowlegeispower


Life as a Thinker

To be successful in life is to be a long term thinker. Delay gratification. A perfect example is the Stanford marshmallow experiment. I just heard of this a couple days ago and it is genius. If you think about it, which would be happier: a long term thinker or a short term thinker? Who would do better in life? Who would be better in managing a company’s worth? Before you make your next decision, think about it. You make thousands in one day; do you think one could have been revised?


Dreams are the gateway to sleep. What is sleep? Is it a mindset or a state of mind that brings past memories and thoughts together? What about day dreaming? Can you bring you mind to that state at different times of the day besides night?

Of life she writes.

My dreams reject the idea that they could never be.

They come and they leave imprints on my brain, and then they go away.

Their fluffy clouds leave little pieces of cotton in the corners of my brain and I

hope that one day they’ll become a reality.

My dreams slowly present themselves to me in a story mode and I

immerse myself in whatever I see.

The possibilities, the ideas, the stories, they mean something to me.

They are being told to me by myself in an unconscious manner.

How can our minds be so powerful?

How can they tell us what they want without us even realizing it?


I sit in the kitchen sipping tea and listening to the kettle whistle.

It tastes like strawberry and mint.

The sound of the kettle’s mouth screaming that it wants out.

Like my dreams.

They want out, they want to…

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Aliens might be Friends with Ghosts

If aliens can use most of their brain’s potential it would make sense to be able to see and talk to ghosts. Also even if they can’t see them, with the possibility they are more advanced than we are they could build or use something to see them.


It may be a slight possibility that ghosts can become friends with aliens. After all it is another dimension we are going into. Ghosts see aliens, but humans don’t see ghosts. However, I think that aliens might have the power to see ghosts then we do. We humans don’t have the power to see ghosts. I think if we see ghosts talking to aliens, we’ll be freaked out. It will be a shocker for us all. There is this possibility, though. If you get spaced out is when you see and feel ghosts. Aliens in the other hand hide where you don’t discover them most likely. Why can’t we think of this theory that ghosts will befriend aliens. It is an open discussion. I don’t think anyone else has ever thought about this. I am not the only one with this idea. It is interesting to know this. I don’t…

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