Mother nature’s slip and slide

It is ironic she said she wouldn’t fall and she fell. I thought it was funny at first but replayed and hope she was ok. On the other hand she is right about running in snow.


The Snow Keeps Falling

Yes, the snow there is pretty big but Canadians get used to it. Other places got hit even harder also. On the other hand it may be hard to run in and dangerous but if you can get your way it’s definitely more active. You have to deal with the weight on your feet and the layers you have on to keep warm in the cold. Plus you need to be able to move around snow banks and ice. This will improve balance and stability. Some of this doesn’t really apply if you have the sidewalks plowed a lot so the snow is around a 2 cm when you get out there but you still need to layer up in the cold so extra weight will provide strength. Also ice could still appear so watch out. So if you can do it go for it and definitely stretch you can fall and pull something. Also if it’s necessary bundle up, don’t want to catch a cold or something.

Any advise on steroids – apart from its cheating and don’t take them – love your blog you sexy beast

Also if you think about it some wrestlers, athletes and just some really big guys took steroids in some part of their life. Who knows they still could be doing it. Its possible they only do it for their job, but come on dont you think getting big and strong fast wouldn’t be another reason. So basically I would advise against steroids, really if you want to feel and look good be dedicated and motivated and you will get there.


It’s a drug, stay away from it, it will kill your health!

Okay the kids went to bed, now we can have a discussion mano a anon. In fact, I don’t have any advice (since I never tried it), I will give you my honest opinion.

The steroid topic is controversial in the fitness industry. Let’s start by saying that 99.9% bodybuilders use it and 99% of the fitness models use it too (if not more).

Why? Because in the beginning of the bodybuilding era steroids weren’t illegal, so everyone took them, that was normal.

What about now? Nowadays it’s forbidden, but most of the athletes take them because they know others take them. And let’s be honest: you can be natty (natural) and train 24/7, if you are against someone who use them; it’s like fighting a tank with rocks.

I mean WHY!? Fitness models and bodybuilders have to…

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Remember why you started.

Motivation is the what everyone needs in their life. Many things or almost all things you do that you second guess involves motivation. Such as exercise, diet, school, work or any other thing all include the need for motivation to do these things. Loss of motivation for these things can lead to the end of these things,  you will stop for a while then completely. What you need to remember is this quote “remember why you started” and think of the pros of doing this thing and you will guaranteed spike a personal cord or memory. This will make you want to go and do it. So all I am saying is find a quote to give you motivation or find a personal memory to give you motivation. Good luck.