Positive attitude

You know being happy and having a positive attitude will not just make your day better but make your life better. Stay positive and good things will happen. Being negative just brings you down and people around you. So be positive and your day will be a lot easier and stronger.


You control your own destiny.

Exactly, totally agree. Don’t blame anyone but yourself.


Life is never constant. That is why it is so important to live in the present. There is no point worrying about things that might never happen. So i say live in the present,and take each day as it comes. And YOU are in charge of your own destiny. Yup, that’s right. So if you hate your life, or you are extremely unhappy, then the only person you can blame is yourself. Not many people realize exactly how important it is to think positive thoughts. Some of my friends stress so much that it gets to the point that they are unable to cope with the task at hand. And guess what they say? They will say something along the lines of:” I can’t do it.” And they will reiterate this statement over and over again, until they have convinced themselves that they really cannot do it. The mind is…

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The World Will Always Spin

Life goes on, we just need to adapt to new situations and live life. History is history, future is yet to come and today is a gift that is why they call it present. Go out and make history and live your day to the fullest.

Will Zee's Rants

I consider myself a watcher of people. I admit that I don’t really partake in a lot of the crazy, and sometimes fun things that those around me seem to enjoy. I guess that makes me a bit of a boring individual. It wasn’t always that way but I find these days that I gain more interesting insight into this world by watching rather than doing.

When I was a kid, it was in a time when kids were actually allowed to be kids. We did kid things back then, we played, laughed, goofed around and just enjoyed ourselves without being very serious at all. We didn’t worry about walking to the corner store to get a pop, we never even thought about being kidnapped, raped, shot at or robbed. We were free to roam without the worries that those of that age must worry about today. Things are different…

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Bringing Out the Worst

No matter how it is, your always going to meet people that “grind your gears” but be the better person calm down and live the rest of your day normally. Find your happy place or just do something that will distract your mind. To try to fix your situation try to interact and find a topic or field with that person. Hopefully you click and your now friends and your day is easier. If not oh well at least you tried. Live your life for you, don’t let others that you don’t need control your life.


Live life not just for yourself but for others. Take time out of your day and appreciate others in your life. Call, text or tell them how you really appreciate them. Get them a gift even, or just buy them a coffee or lunch. That will do. Even if you have think you have a good life with good people then go out and make someone’s day. They could be having a worse day compared to you, so go out there and brighten up their day.

tinkerer of words

Comprehending the things that people are willing to do for the sake of their self benefits, will more often than not, leave you dumbfounded.

I think it’s unfortunately, somehow fit inside of us, to do whatever it takes to survive. Not that that is a bad habit or anything but perhaps in this age we’ve left ourselves to rely on many materialistic things, to be ever present for our survival. Hence “do whatever for survival”, generally speaking, can mean becoming selfish for the sake of your gazillion oh-so-important needs.

But there’s also no denying: on one level or the other, we all are selfish. It’s human nature. You can only strive to cultivate this emotion to not let it become your identifying quality.

And you can only remember to not become reliant on solely surviving, but rather for the benefits of not only others but yourself; try living.


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