Cool or Not Cool?

What is the reason for so called “low riding”, where your pants are as low as or close enough to your knees? If you ask me or most adults it’s not cool. Most who do it have the mindset it’s thuggish/gangster or cool but I don’t know about you but I don’t like seeing a man’s underwear while I’m walking. It’s another thing if you just see the colar of the underwear because even I do that because having jeans or pants high on my waist feels really weird,awkward and even just looks weird. Sometimes if I wear skinny jeans and there a bit high I will kind of waddle while walking. Also having my colar of my underwear higher then my pants reduces the risk of seeing my behind, come on don’t tell me you haven’t done this. In addition low riding isn’t professional and shows your not as mature as a normal person whose pants are worn at the right height. Its just not professional or mature, ask them would you do that at a job interview, funeral, police station, in jail or at a family gathering? They would probably say no or they are a little messed up. Plus if you don’t know the history of low riding you should check it out right now to learn why I said jail.
So I’m just saying low riding is not cool, don’t do it and please if your gonna do it bring a long shirt or something to cover up your butt and so people don’t see it.