Music is what you make it

Don’t you get sick and tired of hearing “eewww why you listening to that”, or “that music sucks”. Because I am, music is what you make it. Who cares what other people listen to, be yourself. If you don’t like the song good for you. I like this song so if you think I’m not cool or different whatever. Music changes people everyday, especially rap. All you hear is profanities, woman being mistreated, and you get the thought if you listen you are cool and the people making the song are cool and make big bucks. But to be honest I listen to some rap, sometimes it’s really catchy, good beat, good lyrics or something I like but hey that’s why most people listen to rap anyway they have something they like in the song or just think it’s plain cool. All I’m saying is don’t judge people just because of the music they listen to.