Live life to the Fullest

School and work can really make your life a living nightmare. This is where you need to manage your work life balance. Where you have equal amount of time for work and for your personal life. This will help with stress and help you sleep a lot better. This will even stop you from worrying so much.
What you need to do is in times where you have work to do if it’s school work or work work make time or take small breaks to really enjoy some personal time.  You will feel better and be able to manage your times so work for school or for a job isn’t crowding your life. So all I’m saying is if you feel stressed or overcrowded take some time and have a personal hour or twenty minutes or however long you need. I managed my time for family and for school and I feel great and never overcrowded and even if you think your really stressed, talk to someone about it. A personal friend or family member and you will really feel like your mind is settled and your stress is limited.


Exams versus projects

In a daily high school students life you get something called an exam at the end of the semester or term depending on the school. This is basically a huge test counting for more than 25% of their grade.

These exams could go up to ten pages, with over 100 questions including multiple choice. What I think exams really show is in a short period of time reading your notes you need to memorize all of it for the exam. It may consist of formulas for math you have no idea what are for but know how to use when given a textbook type question. Also what happens to the students who can’t memorize formulas or things really quick and don’t do well under pressure? Does that mean they aren’t smart because they didn’t do well on the exam and it affected their mark heavily? No it means they were given something out of their way of learning and thinking they would be fine because of other students. But no, not every student learns this way and this is why I really hate exams. Compared to projects where you have time to work and learn things the way you want. Also things you learned I feel stick to a person better than having a really stressful test. Not to forget you get to work with peers where collaborating with another friend or student will bring a stronger knowledge of what they are learning. Remember two brains are better than one. Also the pressure and stress on the brain is a lot less, you will be stressed to make sure you got everything for the exam and hoping the exam isn’t hard but in projects you aren’t as stressed giving in something you get to spend time on and work with peers. Plus projects can be fun and a great experience for students where when in life are you going to have to write a very long exam? Maybe driving but that’s the only one you probably have to write in the rest of your life. On the other hand if you are given an exam where your teacher understands the way the class learns and understands learning instead of memorizing that would be less stressful because instead of putting facts about a war why not have a question that sums up if a student understood the war and why it happened with little special details (example from history). Also a teacher who understands the stress of having a long exam the teacher can sum up an exam into 2 pages. The amount of stress that would change from a lot when having a 10 page exam will drop to a little when compared to a 2 page exam.